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What is Tokyo Table?  How did we arrive at this name and dining concept?
For starters, Tokyo is the capital, largest city center, and leading trendsetter in all of Japan.
Table is commonly used to mean "dining scene" in Japan.  We chose Tokyo Table as it best highlights the current and dynamic Japanese dining scene.

Nihon-shoku (Japanese food) refers to what Japanese people regularly, and today, it assimilates traditional Japanese style food (Wa-shoku) with food from other countries.
At Tokyo Table, our aim is to combine this harmonious and ever-changing Japanese food culture with the American food culture and to build on that to expand a culinary world of our own.

The best part of our Tokyo-style dining is that you can enjoy many innovative foods from around the world all at once.  We encourage you to share your food with everyone at the table so that all can sample and taste the various dishes we have to offer.

Please enjoy Japanese Shared Meal Style, and enjoy Tokyo Table.
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